Computer Forensics Miscellany

TimeLord by Paul Tew

A Time Utility for Forensic Analysts

Paul Tew has released his TimeLord utility, it is the most comprehensive time utility software available for Windows OS. It can be used to -

  • Display  the Time Zone on the host computer together with all details of the time zone and DST settings.
  • Display all the Time Zones available on the computer and calculate current time in any zone.
  • Calculate the time difference between an examined computer's BIOS clock and the current time, and produce a report.
  • Calculate the time difference between two or more times.
  • Decode a wide range of computer time formats
  • Encode a time into any of the common time formats to enable a time code to be used as a search string.

Download the TimeLord program and the TimeLord helpfile. You will need to have .NET installed.
Any comments or feedback to Paul Tew - binarybod at hotmail . co . uk